PEMCO was founded in the early 1980s as a sales representative firm serving Industrial Instrument manufacturers. Typically, these firms manufactured flow meters, level measurement and control devices, pressure and temperature transmitters. Over the years we have also gained experience in gas detection, control valves and controllers, weighing equipment and a number of other related products.

With our exposure to New York City and its many buildings, PEMCO quickly became aware and knowledgeable of the Energy Measurement Market and its metering requirements. This market utilizes meters and other devices for the measurement of Chilled Water, Hot Water, Condenser Water, Steam and Steam Condensate. We have installed many devices for this market not only in NYC but also in Hospitals, University campuses and Industrial Plants throughout the NY Metro area and New England.

Recently we also became manufacturers of BTU metering devices to better serve this market. Our Model 1233 has brought some unique capabilities to this market through its flexibility and integration with digital communication technology.

With our years of experience and access to many products our goal in any application is to provide you our customer with the correct technology to solve your Instrumentation application. This will not always be the least expensive product, but we will guarantee it will be the best solution.

We look forward to serving you.